My Procrastination

So Game of Thrones premieres Sunday. Now last year when I said to myself “Let me read the books, I have a year” seemed good. I stared the first book, got half way in and stopped. We are days away and I now decide to make an attempt.

Now here is why I am pissed at myself….. You had a fucking year…. and extra, procrastinated and here we are…. I swear! I don’t know how I procrastinate so much when I spend most of my time complaining about being bored. Seriously!

I enjoy reading… its the main reason I started to consider doing a blog… Its been on my mind for some months now. I have so many short stories, articles and life experiences that I want to share. I need to let them out a bit, not much just a bit.

“My Procrastination” is a series this is the first installment. ┬áJust my tales of me holding back myself hahaha…. really not that funny but you know… we all procrastinate so don’t judge me.